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Selasa, 13 Maret 2012


One kind culture shock faced by international  student in inited states is difficulty communicating with Americans . when they firs arrive in USA they soon realize that their verbal skill are poor ,first of all ,they lack vocabulary , and they have poor pronauncation,so people americans don’t  understand them,for example for days ago I asked the Americans student have to get the library ,but because I have mistake in pronauncation  r’sand   I’s the student don’t understand me  ,the finnalyi write a piece on paper ,American student also speak too softly because there are shy , it is difficult to foreign people understand America , too American use incomplete sentence  such as use latter to mean  ”  iwiill see you latter ” and  coming to mean “are you coming “?also american people talk too fast,so itsoften to understand them,in addition American also use a lot of slang and idiom whose meaning nonnative speaker don know.for example,the other day someone said to me “that drives to me up the wall “ and I could not imagine what he meant ‘ I had the picture in my mind of of driving his car up a wall .it didn’t make sense to me in short communication is probably the first problems that  international student face in the united states ,after a while ,however ,theire ears get used to American way ofspeaking and their own verbal abilities inprove.

Analyze articele
Relationship between word and meaning

the consider a word such as rebuild and you wiil note thereare two distict sentence communication problems article  there are such sentence “ coming “ to mean “are you coming “ ro letter to mean see you letter it is give example about relationship between word and meaning
Propositional is meaning

Propostional meaning of a word or utterance to describe in a real or imaginary world. When a translation is described as ‘inaccurate’, is often the propositional meaning is being called article writer use sentence imaginary for example in source target article “that drives me up in the wall “.

Expressive meaning

Expressive meaning is relates to the speakers feeling or attitude rather than to what words and utterance refer to. Two or more words or utterances can therefore have the same propositional meaning but differ in their expressive meanings, the source texs about Americans problem there are expressive meaning American it is not describe country but to translet about personor people in America.

1.analys Common problems of non-equivalence in communication problems
Culture specific concepts

The first common problems of- non-equivalence in communication problem in culture specific is about the conection between culture and word  for example in source teks  there are different culture ,in America letter  to mean ” I will see you letter” different with other country .
Differences in perspective meaning
In article communication problems there are differences prespective meaning in word “arrive” in this word , perhaps arrive two mean in process about problems translation of non equivalce .
The use of loan word in the source text
In article about communication problems nothing use of loan word in source texs from other language .
The source and target languages make different distinction in meaning
The source and target languages make different distinction in meaning in article there are sentence “students in united states difficulty to communicating with Americans” the word “Americans” it is name country but in source texs it is to show about person or people .

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